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Sentinels is a total solution company in the emerging high growth integrated systems. The company is fully operational for the last Seventeen Years. We have our offices operating all over Sindh. The services being provided herald the beginning of a new era in the world of Security Services and in its wake bring you to an unprecedented level of personalized safety in every sphere of life.


Today every business setup, whether its factory, office, hospital, school, banks have concerns regarding safety and security of its premises, assets and staff to run its daily business smoothly. Sentinels Security Services excels with the best security coverage to meet your present and future security needs. Our competitively priced security services can be customized to suit every business environment with 100% client satisfaction, by providing you well experienced, focused and trained security incumbents. OUR BUSINESS IS PROTECTING YOURS First Response is the professional hands-on security company to provide On-Site Security Services to your location. We build our reputation around by raising the industry standard and creating a service catering to each client’s specific needs. From the hiring process to the client relationship, we take pride in our ability to exceed our client’s expectations and surpass the services of our competition. With each new account, we create specific post orders with the development of an in house training program for each officer on your location. Within the first week of signing a contract with Sentinels Security, you will see an influx in communication as we put forth the effort to get all items in order prior to start date. With an entire transition plan there will not be one item overlooked. We look forward to showing you how we have created and maintained such a well-known and professional reputation. As you know, it cannot be done overnight, but takes years of continuous growth and adaptation to both the security market and our client’s expectations.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to surpass the expectations of our clients by providing extraordinary, strategic investigation and protective solutions and ultimately making our client a part of our core family.


At MSS, our vision is to become an empire in the world of investigations, protection and security by utilizing our expertise to deliver phenomenal solutions.

Business Core Values

We are strongly dedicated to living and operating by a set of enduring values


We pride ourselves in the consistency of values, methods, actions, expectations and outcomes. We will exemplify the honesty and truthfulness and accuracy of our actions in all of our endeavors.


We maintain a high quality of ethics, provide specialized knowledge for our clients and dedicated towards them to exceed in their endeavors. It is our strong desire to give our clients a high standard of innovative solutions that will transform our clients’ business.


It is our commitment to enhance the level of excellence we can provide to our clients and to deliver outstanding service and achieve excellence every day.